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Forum rules
The following rules need to be followed when using this forum:

1.   No advertising will be tolerated on this site. Anyone posting ads will be banned and their posts will be deleted. The mods have the right to suggest a person or company that offers help or services relating to the topics on this forum, but members do not have this privilege.

2.   Posts that are off topic will be deleted. If the member who posts off topic material may be banned at the discretion of the moderator(s).

3.   No cussing or bashing/name calling of any members. This includes comments about gender, race, or ethnicity.

4.   If you are not admin or a mod, please help us police people and their posts by reporting them to the mods in a private message (copy and paste or links for forum are very helpful).

5.   Sharing info, even if it is from a different view point than what you got from this site, is perfectly fine. If you do not like the info someone is sharing then ignore it or discuss it politely.  If you feel it is being posted to purposefully insult someone or upset the board then just report it.

6.   No self-promotion or 3rd party business promotion.

7.   EMOTICONS are OK, but when they are used in the course of a conversation. Full line emoticons are OK occasionally while you are part of a conversation. 

8.   Leave all caps to the MODS only. 

9. No sexual references.

If you have an issue with a post or another member you can contact a mod/admin and we will handle it. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

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